Get ready for a power packed prophetic conference at Jubilee Church.

EMPOWER - We often desire to know God, do the right thing, make the right decisions, but we feel powerless to do so. Our determination only takes us so far, our focus only keeps us centered for so long, and ultimately we fail. But there is a treasure that God has hidden inside of us. And once we tap into this treasure, it gives us the strength we need to overcome everything that tries to derail us. Join us October 10-14 for a prophetic encounter that will unlock this treasure inside you and empower you to walk with absolute strength and confidence into the destiny that God has intended for you.

When Jesus stepped into human history, He enabled us to live like He did, transforming us into His image and infusing us with the ability and resources of His Kingdom. What is God's has become ours! As heaven permeates our lives, experiencing the extraordinary becomes ordinary, stepping into the supernatural becomes natural, and we are EMPOWERED. Victory and strength becomes our new normal.

2 Peter 1:3 His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence

The Speakers

Prophetic voices from across the nation and the world.

At Stronger Conference 2018, some of the most engaging prophetic voices will converge to bring a fresh message for today’s church at a time when it’s needed most. God is coming to empower His people in this generation and to equip them to transform our culture. Don’t miss one revelatory session of this prophetic conference. Special guest speakers include Greg Smerdon, Angela Fox, David Wagner, Kevin Leal, and others who will bring powerful insight to help you to understand and identify God’s revealed wisdom for these uncertain times. Come be a part of this supernatural week as we hear God’s voice and see his heart unveiled!

Kevin Leal

An unapologetic prophetic voice changing lives all over the world.
Kevin Leal Ministries

David Wagner

Worldwide prophetic ministry & demonstration of the Holy Spirit.
Father's Heart

Angela Fox

Pastor and key leader at Jubilee Church with a heart to challenge believers in their faith.

Greg Smerdon

Pastor & Evangelist from South Africa.
God's Family Life Centre

Stronger Conference captures the prophetic heart of Jubilee Church. It's a response to our mandate to live in light of His reality, a call to converge our daily lives with heaven. Through five powerful days of worship, teaching, and prophetic ministry, you'll walk away with a mind renewed and a life transformed, equipped and empowered to carry the power of the Kingdom with you wherever you go.

We have an amazing time of fun and life changing ministry in store for your kids at our EMPOWERED Kids conference!

October 10-14, for K5-5th grades - fun, games, prizes and a big party!
Wednesday to Friday at 7pm
Saturday at 9am & 7pm (JubeKidz Party!)

Make sure to bring your little ones into the presence of God so they can get to know more about Jesus at Stronger 2018.

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